A framework for being. For living with intentionality.

A better life. Your life on purpose.

Your business. Your life. For good.

With your own 100 Year Manifesto as your guide,
you will live your best life ever.

Create My Own Manifesto

See if you can relate to this: 

You're searching for a better way to live a healthy, joy-filled life connected with the people you love, the purpose you serve, and the passions you pursue. 


And, you believe the best is yet to come for your life & your company. 

We know. We've been there too. It doesn't have to be this way. Nobody said life would be easy, but it shouldn't be this hard. 


is the solution.

Dario Otero
Founder & CEO - YouthLens 360


Few people have impacted my life the way Mick White has.  As the Founder & CEO of Youth Lens 360, my days can get pretty stressful, hectic, and challenging.  Mick provides guidance, perspective, and a whole lot of love in his coaching, mentorship, and friendship.  He walks alongside me on the best days and the worst days, always providing insight, a perspective, & a framework to make the best decisions.  I am a better man, father, & business owner because of Mick.  Whatever he does, I’m the first in line to say “I’m in!”  Be ready to have your life transformed.  For good.

We've experienced and lived first-hand what it takes to transition from a successful, yet overwhelmed, exhausted, & unfulfilled life, to being healthier and happier than ever at the helm of a company changing thousands of lives for good. 

More than anything else, we want you to live your best life ever. 

It all starts with designing your own 100 Year Manifesto.

A framework for living. For being. Life on purpose. To know who you are. To know what you stand for. 

Clarity into what your best life looks like. And, a path to get there. 

Imagine how great it will feel to live your life with intentionality. 

How to make the right decisions for your life. Big decisions. Small decisions. All decisions.

To keep your most important priorities your focus. Your family. Your business. You.

To be proactive instead of reactive. 

How would your life look if your schedule aligned with your values.

Waking up refreshed, motivated, & excited for the day. 

To have really healthy relationships with your spouse. With your kids. With your family. With your friends. 

With clear directions for your life. A specific path to follow. And, the connections to manifest your best life. 

The life you were created for. The life you're destined to live. Your best life. 

Ava Lee
Founder - Ava Lee Luxury


If you're lucky enough once in your life, you'll meet someone that will elevate your world. Mick White is THAT incredible lucky charm. His approach to business, family and personal life balance transformed my dreams into fruition. He is always there; not only during the good days, but even more so on the bad days to help navigate me away from my self doubt. He is the ultimate equalizer, the voice of reason, the carrier of hope, the one that will believe in you when you think no one does. His guidance is the epitome of integrity, class, and grace. I HIGHLY recommend Mick because he WILL change YOUR LIFE, for the BEST!

We've been where you are. 

Inspired in a moment of desperation, we created the 100 Year Manifesto.

It transformed our lives. And now, it will transform your life too. 

Making more money. Stressing less. Having more free time. And, making an impact on the world for generations to come. 

We've experienced some of the highest awards, recognition, & personal success. And, we've experienced some of the worst tragedies, personal failures, and relationship ruins. We know what it's like. We know the joy. We feel the pain. We have the solution for you. The manifesto. The path, The connections. 

We will get to where you are capable of being.


The Plan

Answer the question:

What am I trying to achieve with my life?  With my business?

Determine whether you thrive working 1 on 1, in a small group, or as a Do-It-Yourself'er.

Live your 100 Year Manifesto by taking the next step today to live your best life.

Mondo Davison
The Black Tech Guy - Founder - Schoolz


If  'lead by example' was a person - it would be Mick White. He leads with Purpose & Passion without sacrificing Profit. As a businessman, I'm sometimes distracted by things that don't matter. Mick's guidance is a consistent North Star when the sky is gloomy and I need support getting back on track. 

There is no greater gift you can give yourself than a defining purpose to live with intentionality for which you were designed to impact the world. Words start revolutions. The revolution in your life starts with your 100 Year Manifesto.

Garrio Harrison
Partner - Curious - Closers Media


When I started this chapter in my entrepreneurial journey, I made two critical commitments to my family. I was going to be present when we were together, and I would not lose sight of our Why. That meant making sure I approached all areas of my life with intention.  Tapping Mick's wisdom & tactical advice has helped me continue to fulfill my commitments to my family and business partners as we continue to scale our business and live our best lives.

We’ve been through some “stuff” in life.  To hear more about our story, check out the Tech.MN podcast:

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And, for a candid conversation about business and life, watch this Coffee & Closers episode:

Watch the Conversation

Coaching entrepreneurs and consulting with the owners of fast growth companies on how to define success, live their purpose, and create a purpose driven company is our sweet spot.

When it comes to being the spouse, parent, entrepreneur, & community member you’re capable of being - consider us your Yoda.

A Who’s Who list of clients and entrepreneurs trust the 100 Year Manifesto.


Having a guide to walk alongside you, providing guidance, the right connections, & the path for your business & your life.  To help you achieve what you're capable of achieving.  To be the person you're capable of being. 
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Creating the path.

Providing the connections.

Being the guide.

So you can live the life you’re capable of living.

The life you want to live.
The life you are called to live.

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