Your business. Your life. For good.


Your business.

Your life. For good.


The Big Idea

Entrepreneurs are the last bastions of hope for society. It’s you. It’s us. The disrupters. The ones in the community. It’s the ones employing, leading, empowering, & creating a better world for their people. Entrepreneurs are the ones who really have an opportunity to change the world - for good. To use their business for good. To redefine what success is, what it looks like, & how to measure it.

In the drive for success - for the self-actualization - to become actually what you are potentially; to become everything you are capable of being. And, along the way, to use your business as a force for good.

It’s not just about business. It’s not just about life. It’s about the intersection of business, life, & purpose. It’s about congruence.

It’s about your own personal 100 Year Manifesto.

100 Year Manifesto is a boutique firm providing guidance to some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in tech, manufacturing, & professional services. Disrupters working with disrupters


The Deliverables


Unique, specialized methodology to deliberately bring purpose to your personal prosperity & significance to your business success. An actionable approach to making real decisions. From chaos to clarity. From triage to purposeful. Taking you from where you are currently to where you are capable of being. Of who you are currently to who you are capable of being.


Human happiness isn’t the result of achieving goals, but rather the continued pursuit of an all-encompassing purpose. A manifesto. A framework to make deliberate decisions to live the life worthy of the calling you received. A bold statement for your life. Nothing speaks louder than the way you live. Your 100 Year Manifesto will amplify your voice.


Measuring success in business not by how well the business operates under your leadership, not by the benefits it provides, but by how well the business operates while you’re not involved in the day-to-day operations. The importance of owner centric planning as opposed to conventional business planning cannot be overemphasized.


We exist to help entrepreneurs create an extraordinary life, an amazing company, & an incredible impact on society. A clear & compelling guide to live out your 100 Year Manifesto through your business with measurement tools, actionable tactics, & specific recommendations.


Building a team that delivers better results than you, without you. In order to run a business on your terms to live the life you want specific growth planning involving the rewarding & retaining key team members. Creating an ownership mentality without giving up ownership. Finding, keeping, & motivating key employees is critical in building a healthy, growing company.


To duality of entrepreneurship is this: the willingness to take business risks - to put it all on the line - understanding ownership of a company is uber risky. And, to seek to systematically reduce as much risk as possible when given the appropropriate opportunities. To create contingency plans & optionality. Both to create & eliminate risk.


There is no greater gift you can give yourself than a defining purpose to live with intentionality for which you were designed to impact the world.
— 100 Year Manifesto


Let's Change the World.

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