If you are serious
about living your
100 Year Manifesto,
working 1 on 1
with Mick White
will change your life.

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The 100 Year Manifesto Way

We keep things simple. Our proven process works like this: 


on a Mission

Identify where you are, the issues you’re facing the and the opportunities in your business and life.





Life’s Great Question

A. Where you & your business are currently

B. Where you & your business are capable of being

C. The best path to achieve your best life ever



Your World

A. Work 1 on 1 in weekly calls with structured and unstructured conversations.

B. Tools, strategies, and connections to change your life.  
C.  Your personal guide to walk alongside you to get life right.

Invest in Your Best Life Ever


Work 1 on 1

$1,000 /Month for Six Months



 Weekly 30 Minute Meetings with Both Structured and Unstructured Time to Work Through The Triages of Life as Well as the 100 Year Manifesto Proven Process



 Tools like ‘Your Ideal Living Week,” the creation of your own 100 Year Manifesto, your custom dashboard to measure what matters most, and so much more.    



Each month has a specific theme: How Did We Get Here, Where Are You Going, How to Get There, Measure What Matters, Be Your Own Berkshire, & the Best Month Ever.  



 Invitations to every
Best Lunch Ever, Amplify session, and a special ‘client only’ lunch exclusive to 100 Year Manifesto clients. 


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