If you are serious

about living your

100 Year Manifesto,

working 1 on 1

with Mick White

will change your life.

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The Manifesto Way

We keep things simple. Our process works like this: 

Create Your
100 Year Manifesto

Together we'll create
your framework
for living.


Find Your Path

A. Where you & your business are currently

B. Where you & your business are capable of being

C. The best path to achieve your best life ever

Manifest Your Life

A. Work 1 on 1

B. Build your purpose-driven business

C. Live your best life

D. Provide guidance

E.  Make the best connections ever

Invest in Your Best Life Ever

Manifesto Coaching



Monthly Meetings:

  • 100 Year Manifesto
  • Find Your Path
  • Manifest Your Life

Manifesto Consulting



  • + Business Valuation
  • + Net Worth Statement
  • + Live Your 100 Year Manifesto digital course access

Manifesto Consulting+



Monthly & Ad Hoc Meetings:

  • + Create Your Own 100 Year Manifesto course access for 10 team members
  • + Invitations to Every Best  Lunch Ever
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