Are you crushing it in business? Building an empire?
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The person behind the business. The why in which we choose the uncomfortable path of entrepreneurship. Most entrepreneurs have gone all in on their businesses, sacrificing savings, losing friendships, & damaging family relationships along the way.  It's lonely at the top and...

There is a better way.

Where do business owners go to share the challenges, the life struggles, learn how to overcome, & live with a greater purpose?

For the first time, now there is a safe space where business owners can gather & to better each other on the most important reason we do business.  Real dialogue.  In-depth, very real conversations.  

How would you grade yourself as a parent? As a spouse?  As a friend?  A business owner?

Any room for improvement?

That’s what the 100 Year Manifesto Collective is all about.

Interested in strengthening the other thing (you know, life), you do outside of work as much as your business?

Join other amazing entrepreneurs - just like you - as we dive into these topics together.    

You are the same today as you’ll be in five years except for two things:

the books you read and the people you meet.


The 100 Year Manifesto Collective members are the people you need to meet

to be the person you want to become. 

Quarterly Sessions.  Tackling the most critical of topics. 

Dialoguing on the best books for business & life. 

Surrounded by the finest people & entrepreneurs you'll ever meet. 

Walking away changed for the better.  Energized. 

Full of conviction about what you want to do in the world.  

Find Out How Your Best Life Begins with The 100 Year Manifesto Collective